Sep 18, 2013 12:34 AM by Sean Mooney

1,000 days of paying more than $3 a gallon for gas; Tucson cheaper

TUCSON- According to AAA, Tuesday marked 1,000 days, nearly three years, that a gallon of gas has cost more than $3.00 in the U.S. That has never happened before, but whatever the price has been, gas in Tucson has always been a little cheaper. Usually about 20 cents below the U.S average.

On Tuesday, GasBuddy.com reported the national average at $3.53. In Tucson gas could be found at many pumps about 20 cents cheaper. CoxCo Fuel General Manager, Scott Bronson, credits a number of factors for the break Tucsonans get on fuel, "My opinion is, we've got a couple of pipelines that come in to Arizona so there is a a little bit more of a competitive edge and you get prices from a couple of different areas", Bronson said, "and with the increased competition from Quiktrip and remodeling by Circle-K, it has become a very competitive market."

But while we may save a few dimes a gallon, residents of Tucson, like everybody else across the country, have still endured a thousand days of paying three dollars and change for a gallon of gas.

Local real estate agent, Ryan Armstrong, says he longs for the days when a dollar took you a lot further than it does today, "I remember when gas was a $1.10 a gallon, and it would sure be nice if it were back there again", Armstrong said, "I drive back and forth to California pretty often, so as long as its cheaper than California, it feels somewhat better, not as painful."

To ease the pain a little more, many drivers participate in gas programs at businesses like
Fry's Food Stores, that give you discounts at the pump for every dollar you spend shopping.

Monica Megginnis, a manager for Fry's, says their gas program is another way to serve their customers needs in a tough economy, "People are driving everywhere, and this way they can save on gas while doing what they are going to do anyway, buying groceries."

Besides the 70 gas service centers Fry's Food Stores have at their store locations, the food chain has also partnered with Circle K and Shell stations statewide.

And with predictions that prices are not going to come down anytime soon it appears discount programs will remain popular with drivers. AAA is forecasting another thousand days of similar prices at the pump.


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