Jul 17, 2013 8:46 PM by Sean Mooney

11 time deportee caught smuggling marijuana

TUCSON - An attempted traffic stop outside of Eloy leads to the arrest of a suspect who's been deported 11 times and a car full of drugs.

Just before 4 p.m. Monday, a Pinal County K-9 Deputy attempted to pull the car over on Interstate 8, near I-10, for a traffic violation. The driver refused to stop and crossed in front of oncoming traffic on the freeway and suddenly stopped.

According to Pinal County Sheriff Chief Deputy, Steve Henry, the driver and a passenger then ran off.

"The deputy was able to apprehend the passenger who had climbed a barb wire fence and had gone into a trailer court. He was pretty easy to find because of his injuries," he said.

The man was identified as 19-year-old Felipe Gonzalez Tempura, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico.

But the driver had slipped away.

In a search of the car, deputies found 220 pounds of marijuana worth over $165,000.

Meanwhile the search for the driver continued. Around 8 p.m. the Pinal County Sheriff's Department received a call about a suspicious person at the Pride Truck Stop in Eloy. When deputies arrived, they recognized the man as the driver of the car involved in the case. After a brief struggle, Daniel Jupa-Fino was taken into custody.

Henry says it was discovered Jupa-Fino used the border between the United States and Mexico like a revolving door.

"The driver that was arrested has been deported 11 times, so how many times do you have to sneak into this country, get caught by law enforcement before you're considered a criminal alien," he said.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu further expressed his department's frustration in a statement that read: "These criminal illegals smuggled marijuana into the United States and when stopped both fled from law enforcement. The driver of the vehicle, who has already been deported 11 times physically fought with with deputies. Meanwhile, the Obama Administration and Gang of 8 is making plans for green cards and a path to citizenship for 11-20 million illegals. We must enforce the law and secure the border prior to any discussion of immigration reform."


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