Nov 25, 2012 8:53 PM by Erika Flores

11-year-old helps search for Oro Valley missing woman

TUCSON-The search continued this weekend for a missing Oro Valley woman.

Fifty-one-year-old Janet Rennspies was last seen Wednesday morning by her family.

Family found her vehicle near the observatory on Mt. Lemmon Friday giving sheriff deputies a starting point for their search.

Search and rescue teams have been searching for two days using every resource available to them.

A helicopter above, 12 hikers below, canines on the trails, and five horses with their riders are all trying to find Rennspies.

Then there is eleven-year-old Marcus Chavez.

"We've been walking around looking for her with our dogs trying to find her as hard as we can," said Chavez.

He's Rennspies' asthma patient of nine years.

"She's really nice and she usually gives me candy and she treats me with respect and I like her for that," said Chavez.

He's become very attached to Rennspies and is doing his best to bring her home.

"I know if I don't see her again, I'm going to feel bad, but I hope I do see her again," said Chavez.

Police said she told family she was going to watch the sunrise early Wednesday morning.

That's the last they've heard from her.

Search teams focused on areas where you can see a sunrise combing through rough terrain leaving no rock unturned.

"Lots of trees, lots of rocks, little cliffs, little ledges where someone can walk off or maybe slipped off of or fell inside somewhere, but we are being as thorough as we can," said Search and Rescue Deputy with the Pima County sheriff's department Shawn Degan.

As far as investigators know, she was alone and with overnight temperatures dipping down into the 30's this time of year, "Definitely don't want to be missing up here for a few days up in this part of the mountain," said hiker Jason Muller.

Hikers passing through made it a point to read Rennspies' description before taking on the trails.

Deputies hope the more people who keep an eye out the quicker they can find her.

Anyone with information is urged to call 9-1-1 or 88-CRIME.


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