Jul 25, 2014 10:26 PM by Marissa Esquivel

13-year-old honored by Tempe Police for his bravery during a robbery

TEMPE - A boy who confronted two men burglarizing his family's home earlier this week was honored for his bravery by Tempe Police.

On Tuesday, two men in their 20's climbed through the skylight and made their way into 13-year-old Alex Chavez's home near University Drive and Price Road.

Alex locked himself in his bedroom and hid. Police say the intruders then kicked down his door and demanded he cover his eyes with a blanket.

"I know we live in a not-so-great neighborhood, but I never thought that would happen to us," Alex said. "I just tried to stay calm and hoped that they wouldn't hurt me."

Chavez, thinking the two had left after about an hour, came out of his room to find the men still there.

He told the men his mother would be home soon on her lunch break, to which they replied they would "take care of her" if she did. Despite the threats, Chavez kept his composure and called police when his mother returned.

On Friday, Alex, spent his day following around Tempe police officers, touring the police stations and SWAT vehicle and even visiting the police animals.

While visiting the Tempe stations, Chavez met the woman who took his and his mother's 911 call the day of the burglary and thanked her for her assistance. Tempe Police Officer Derek Jones later showed Chavez how to work the sirens and lights on his motorcycle, as well as his radar gun.

Alex said "best part of my summer so far."

Chavez's visit ended with lunch at the station and more souvenirs from officers.

Police are still looking for the burglars.

(Photo courtesy of azcentral)


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