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Feb 9, 2014 11:41 PM by Sam Salzwedel

18-year-old killed in possible drunk driving crash

TUCSON - The victim who died in a car accident on 6th Avenue Saturday morning was Wilberto Llanes, 18, according to family members.

The driver of the other car in the accident is charged with 4 felonies, including Second Degree Murder. Investigators believe Juan Miguel Hernandez-Rodriguez, 28, was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, according to the Tucson Police Department.

Tucson Police have not released the deceased victim's identity. They are waiting for official autopsy results from the Pima County Office of the Medical Examiner.

Llanes' cousin, Jovani Ruiz, 23, said they grew up together working on cars.

"We would look up on YouTube how to fix this on a car or how to do this," Ruiz said. "And little by little, we burned a few stereos, but we eventually learned how to do it right."

Llanes had 6 sisters and 1 brother, according to Ruiz.

"Everything he found funny," Ruiz said. "Sometimes it was a little annoying just because it was like, 'Wil, this is a time not to be funny.' And he's like, 'No you have to be funny. Because if not, you're going to be miserable all the time.'"

Llanes had a 1-year-old son, according to Ruiz.

"Wil was a very good dad," he said. "Wilberto Junior always had what he needed."

Ruiz has had trouble sleeping since the accident.

"It's just been rough, man. It feels so surreal," Ruiz said. "He always joked around a lot. And all of us just wish that he's just going to pop up and just be like, 'I'm just kidding with you guys.'"

Hernandez-Rodriguez is being held in the Pima County Jail without bond.

"Don't be stupid," Ruiz said. "Just be mature about it. Grow up. And if you can't grow up enough to know not to drive when you're drinking, don't drink."


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