Oct 22, 2013 2:33 PM by Erika Flores

2 Tucson women held captive in South Tucson motel

SOUTH TUCSON - Two women were allegedly kidnapped and assaulted for a week inside a South Tucson motel. Now the man police say is responsible is locked up with a bond of half a million dollars.

This isn't Rene Francisco Canez first run in with police. According to prison records, he's an ex con and has served time for a drug conviction.

Now he's being charged with 11 felony charges including sexual assault, kidnapping and robbery.

Blood-stained shorts were one of the items that the detectives found in the motel room where Canez allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted the two women in their 20's.

According to the search warrant, just last week, the two women escaped El Camino Motel after being held in one of the rooms against their will and repeatedly sexually assaulted.

The report details how the women first went to the motel room to buy marijuana. Canez then reportedly held them captive using several weapons to assault them including handguns, knives, tasers and even curtain rods.

Damaged curtain rods and weapons were on the list of items detectives found in the room.

The report describes how Canez injected both women with heroin and made them snort it.

Police say not only did Canez force them to have sex with him, but also, "They were forced to perform sexual acts on other individuals coming to purchase narcotics from the suspect," said Lt. Jeff Inorio, with South Tucson police.

The report states he also videotaped sexual acts while others watched.

News 4 Tucson tried to interview those staying at El Camino Motel, but they would not go on camera. Even some living nearby asked for their identity to be concealed.

"Man, I think I'm getting cynical because it doesn't surprise me," said "Bob."

"Bob" said he's lived in the area for six months.

"I see it every morning, every night every afternoon. There's not a day that goes by when you don't see something going on," said "Bob."

Another man living in the area said, "The motel next to us and the motel down at the end without calling any names, they have the reputation for being drug houses."

And because of this area's reputation on Benson Highway near 4th Avenue, "I don't ever go out at night," he said.

El Camino Motel's property manager said he had no idea what was happening in that room, and neighbors said they constantly saw people go in and out but did not know the women were being held against their will.

Police tell News 4 Tucson the women were treated and released from the hospital after the ordeal.


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