Oct 29, 2013 12:06 AM by Rebecca Taylor

3 suspected burglars captured, caught in the act by neighbor with a gun

TUCSON - A Tucson man being credited for helping nab three suspects after his neighborhood was hit by thieves overnight.

Two men are under arrest facing burglary charges. 19 year old Anthony Bujanda, and 21 year old Kaleb Payne who's also accused of auto-theft.

Police say a 17 year old minor, who was with them, is facing unlawful possession of marijuana.

Those arrests were made possible thanks to barking dogs, and a vigilant neighbor.

Ruben, who wants to remain anonymous, says he woke up at 4:30 Monday morning to dogs barking. He saw three guys jumping from yard to yard, car to car stealing property in the Enchanted Hills neighborhood. Ruben got in his truck to follow them.

"So I come and get my gun, tell my fiancée to call 911," says Ruben.

Ruben says two of the men hotwired a truck and sped off without the teenager. Headlights on high, Ruben found him.

"So I was able to corner him, and held him there until police got there," says Ruben, "He was real aggressive at first, he seen that I had a handgun he just backed up."

Ruben gave police a detailed description of the other two suspects, they were found a short time later. The stolen goods were also recovered.

Neighbor Bryana Myers, "Chased the perps, so we're very thankful, a lot of people's stuff got returned back, so we're thankful."

Neighbors are also happy no one was hurt. Ruben says the family who owns the truck, thanked him personally.

"They thanked me a lot, thank you so much," says Ruben, "I'm not a hero, I would do it again."

Ruben says a few years ago his property was the target of thieves and he didn't want anyone to bear he same burden.


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