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Jun 20, 2013 7:28 PM by Lupita Murillo

3 women charged with murder in one month

TUCSON - Three women find themselves accused of separate murders in the Tucson area. Police say these are domestic violence related cases.

A veteran homicide detective tells News 4 Tucson, in some cases, drugs or alcohol fuel arguments that eventually lead to violence.

On May 17 in Marana, Toni Marie Mayfield admitted to police she killed her husband. Court documents show there was a violent fight, Toni had three lacerations over her left eye. Police found the husband with a handgun, and found a hammer with blood in the hallway.

On June 8th, police say René Kemp stabbed the father of her children with a steak knife. She did it front of them. Reports show Brian Crowell was trying to leave.

This week, Susan Thacker is accused of shooting her husband. Police say they were arguing and it escalated into violence.

Ed Mercurio-Sakwa of Emerge says last year in Pima County there were a dozen domestic violence related murders. None involved women accused of killing men.

"Fortunately it does not happen too often that it comes to a head like that and certainly not to have the coincidence this many all in a short time period," he says.

He has no knowledge of the recent cases, but spoke in general terms.

"When an abusive relationship continues and continues, and continues, at some point something has got to give. And at some point somebody is going to end up very seriously hurt," he says.

He's says for people out there who are in similar situations there is help, and Emerge is available 24/7.

"There is hope , there are support services out there, there are people that can help them with a safety plan. And find a safe way or safer way to deal with it. And we hope they reach out and get that help from us."

There is a crisis hotline, it's bilingual and it's also for family and friends who are concerned about someone who is in an abusive relationship. 520 795-4266, or 1-888-428-0101


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