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Jun 24, 2013 12:21 PM by Brian White

4 things to know about the super moon, plus photos

The super moon peaked Sunday night and will no doubt be a topic of conversation at work today. So if you missed this astronomical event, here is some stunning imagery and 4 facts to know so at least you can pretend you did:

[Click here to see more images from News 4 Tucson viewers]

4. The event marks the closest the moon will be to the Earth all year.

3. The moon is not bigger (it doesn't grow!). It's looks 14 percent wider due to it being closer to the Earth.

2. The moon is 30 percent brighter.

1. Despite all the folk tales you may have heard, there's no clear scientific link between full moons and misfortune. (Below image courtesy: Bryan Snider)


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