Jul 14, 2013 8:32 PM by Erika Flores

6-year-old with inoperable tumor benefits from car show

TUCSON-The community is rallying around a six-year-old boy.

They held a car show Sunday to help raise money for the family.

Moses Thompson has an inoperable tumor in his intestinal lining causing complications and making it difficult for him to eat.

He's constantly been in and out of the hospital racking up over 60 thousand dollars in bills, but Sunday the car show raised a little over three thousand dollars for the family to help with those medical expenses.

Moses Thompson got a break from the hospital.

He judged thecars but first he gotthe ride of his life.

Moses flew in a helicopter for the first time.

"It's been amazing," said his mom Tabitha Thompson. "It was something he had to look forward to."

Everyone there wanted to help Moses' family spread awareness about his undiagnosed illness.

"I liked it, and it was so cool. I saw lots of towns and lots of cars, and I went under the mountains," said Moses.

He just couldn't stop thanking everyone for being there from the helicopter crew, to the Northwest firefighters, and everyone who showed up to the car show.

The event was put on for him.

"It means a lot to our family," said Thompson.

Moses has an inoperable tumor in his intestinal lining, but the cause is unknown.

"I think that's been the hardest part for us because we don't have a game plan. We don't know how to treat it and we don't know what to expect," said Thompson.

He has a hard time eating and has pain.

"Before they had told us that he had pretty much six months to live, and we have another doctor saying that's not how it is, so it's an emotional roller coaster," said Thompson.

Donations at this car show raised over three thousand dollars.
"To help them with any costs or anything they needed for themselves and what they're going through," said Elliot Crane, who organized the car show.

Thompson said it's been overwhelming how amazing everyone has been and they hope spreading Moses' story could lead to a diagnosis.


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