Feb 4, 2013 7:18 PM by Erika Flores

6th grade only school possibility in Sierra Vista

TUCSON - changes could be coming to a Sierra Vista school.

The administration is trying to create a school for sixth graders only.

The current middle school doesn't have the room for all of the sixth graders, and they believe a separate school would help the kids both socially and academically.

The sixth grade school would be at Town and Country Elementary, and students would be able to go to the middle school for extracurricular activities.

Blake Yeagley is a straight A student and loves to play sports.

"I'd probably like to be in the track team," he said.

Right now, Yeagley can't play a sport at the elementary school, but if the proposal passes, he would be able to play at the middle school.

"We would be able to try out for some of the Middle School stuff," said Yeagley.

At the same time, they'd have this whole campus as a sixth grade school to prepare him for middle school.

"Both with social growth and responsibility wise so that they know what they're getting into when they get into Middle School," said Yeagley's mom, Michelle.

With this school becoming all sixth graders, students who are in lower grades here would have to transfer to one of the five remaining elementary schools.

"It's a tough change to make but I think it's a worthy one," said Town and Country Elementary Principal Phillip Roseberry.

Critics don't want their child to have to switch schools.

McKayla and Lyla Pacheco are about to turn ten.

They would have to leave this school if the proposal passes.

"I like this school too so I'm not really sure," said McKayla.

McKayla and Lyla said it would be hard to split from their friends.

"We just have to be lucky. Test your prime luck," said Lyla.

On Feb. 19, the proposal will be presented to the governing board.

March 5, they will vote to continue with this proposal.

There will be a call to the public then.


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