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Jul 10, 2014 9:40 PM by Lupita Murillo

7 FIJI members arrested, UA fraternity suspended

TUCSON - The University of Arizona fraternity is suspended and under investigation for alleged violations of hazing and providing alcohol to minors.

Several members of the of Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity have been arrested. Five of them, for not cooperating with police in the investigation of the death of Michael Anderson. The 19-year-old student fell to his death, climbing a structure on top of a campus dorm building in April. Police ruled it an accident.

An autopsy revealed his blood alcohol level was at 0.19, marijuana was also in his system. News 4 Tucson obtained University of Arizona police reports of the incident. It details why seven fraternity members were arrested. According to police, five of them lied to UAPD. They were cited and released back in May. We tried to contact them by phone, most of the students declined to comment. The police report states, "The five, were not truthful regarding their whereabouts with the victim that evening."

The fraternity's President, Spencer Shugrue, and Vice President, Parker Bellinger, were charged on July 2 with providing alcohol to minors. The report now sits with the Dean of Students.

Dean of Students, Kendal Washington White, said, "We are clearly about their education their development to be good citizens but when you make conscious decisions to break the law, to violate the student code of conduct, to endanger people, then we have no tolerance for that on our campus."

The report shows that the fraternity president sent an e-mail to the members after Michael Anderson's death. The e-mail stated, "If you're contacted by the police, deny anything related to drinking at the house."

White said, "It's terrible, we were surprised by their actions."

Reports of hazing, parties, alcohol, and smoking marijuana were all documented in the police report.

"We cannot tolerate that on this campus. It's a clear violation of not only the law but the community standards of the University of Arizona," said White.

All seven fraternity members are scheduled to appear in court in two weeks.

Read the entire suspension letter here: FIJI Interim Suspension Letter


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