Jan 25, 2013 7:03 PM

8th grader gets No.1 play on Sportscenter

Owen Groesser loves basketball.

When the eighth grader with down syndrome didn't make the Rochester Hills Van Hoosen junior high basketball team, he found a way to get involved.

"Coach Howell was saving a spot for him to be the manager of the seventh grade team."
Owen loves being team manager and helping his team out from the sidelines, but he got the chance of a lifetime. He got to suit up and hit the hardwood with his team for the last home game of the season.

"For him to wear the uniform and to actually be on the court was such a thrill for him."
"Do the Owen."

"Do the Owen? You've got a play named after you?"


"That's cool."

And this is what the Owen looks like.

"It's like the movie the Matrix where everything just stops. And the ball went in and I couldn't believe it."

Owen pulled off two owens, scoring two three-pointers in just a matter of minutes.

"The place went crazy."

The Van Hoosen teammates used to be managed by Owen, showed their team spirit rallying behind him.They turned to twitter letting everyone know about his amazing game with the hashtag "get owen on sportscenter."

"Tow ten plays on Sportscenter last night. And they had him number one today, so outside of Tiger Woods and LeBron, there's not many people that get to be Sportscenter number one play, so that was pretty incredible."

He's a national star with a message.

"Never give up."

But wait, there's more!

After Owen's huge night Wednesday, he got to get back in the game Thursday.
When the coach put him back in the game Thursday night he scored four points ... and the crowd went wild.


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