May 16, 2013 8:11 PM by Lorraine Rivera

911 call of bee attack released

TUCSON - The Missouri family who was stung by bees last Sunday in Pusch Ridge has returned to its home state.

A spokesman for the Golder Ranch Fire Department said the family's six-year-old son was hospitalized for several days after bees stung him more than 150 times. The boy's grandfather was stung at least 400 times and his father was stung between 100 and 200 times. All are expected to recover.

The incident happened on federal land just outside of Oro Valley town limits. On Thursday the police department released 911 calls made by the father. The father first said, "yes, I'm on Pusch Ridge and we're getting attacked by bees." During the call the child's voice is audible as he calls for his father. The man tells the operator, "I have a six-year-old child, help!"

During portions of the call you can hear the bees swarming in the background. The operator asks the man, "are you able to get to some shelter there?" the man replies, "no."

Sam McClung represents the Southern Arizona Hiking Club and said the best time to hike is in the early morning or evening when bees are dormant, "if you do something that frightens a bee they're going to go back and tell the hive they're frightened they're going to defend the hive."

He recommends not wearing any fragrances, or bright clothing and advises against resting up trees that are in bloom. McClung said if the bees start to attack, "at that point you want to run. Simply run until there are no more active bees around you, you may have some stings but keep running."


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