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Oct 22, 2013 10:10 PM by Lupita Murillo

99th execution in Arizona set for Wednesday

TUCSON - Robert Jones is about to become the 99th person to be executed in Arizona. The Phoenix man was convicted of killing six people here in Tucson in 1996. He is asking the U.S. Supreme court to block his execution scheduled for Wednesday morning.

Jones and his accomplice, Scott Nordstrom, killed two people inside the Moon Smoke Shop before robbing it on May 30th, 1996. The next month, the two shot and killed 4 people in the Firefighters Union Hall. Jones was also charged with the murder of a Phoenix man in August of that year.

The Tucson case was solved six months after the Moon Smoke Shop murders when Scott Nordstrom's brother David contacted authorities to tell them his brother and Robert Jones were the killers. David was the driver in the Moon Smoke Shop murders, and wasn't at the Firefighters Union Hall.

Roger Wright, a firefighter and secretary treasurer of the Firefighters Union was supposed to be at the Union Hall on June 13, 1996. "I was going to come after dinner, and thank God I got occupied at home and I didn't come out or I would have been one of the victims."

Lynn Noel,the bartender, was a victim. She wasn't scheduled to work that night but came in to help out. She was beaten and shot twice when she couldn't open the safe. Her son, ‘Koz' will be among those witnessing Jones' execution. "Why, I would ask him (Jones) why? Was the money you got worth your life?" These are questions ‘Koz' Noel will never know the answers to.

All four victims of the Firefighters Union hall knew the Nordstrom brothers. One of them, Arthur "Taco" Bell was a mechanic. He worked on the Nordstrom's cars for free because they couldn't afford to pay him. Wright says, "It was just cold blooded, for that reason I'm happy they're getting what they are going to get. They deserve it."

Noel agrees, and he's making good on his word from over a decade ago when he looked at Robert Jones in court and told him, "I will watch your last breath. I will make sure you never see daylight as a free person, one way or another."

‘Koz' and his sister Carly tell News 4, they know executing Robert Jones won't bring their mother back, but at least it will help bring closure.

News 4 Tucson's Lupita Murillo will be among the media witnesses Wednesday, in Florence.


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