Jan 10, 2013 7:28 PM by Lorraine Rivera

Active shooter training for authorities

TUCSON - The Pima County Sheriff's Department hosted an active shooter training for local law enforcement Thursday afternoon.

The training is designed to bring agencies together and provide them with techniques for educating people in situations of an active shooter. Captain Don Kester said the information is designated for businesses and/or schools request help when reviewing their security procedures, "people have to take part in their own self survival. Those first few minutes when one of these incidents happens. Because that's really what will make or break this incident is those first three to four minutes people have to take part in their own self-survival."

During the training Captain Kester showed videos illustrating scenarios with active shooters. He described how anything from a fire extinguisher to a computer monitor may stop or distract a gunman.

He said the response to every situation would be different based on the circumstances but spoke in general terms about mass shooters, "trying to negotiate with an individual like this or trying to beg for your life is probably not going to work based on the past history of most of the these types of incidents."

Sergeant Dave Azuelo from the Tucson Police Department attended the training session, "this prepare communities and ensure that everyone understands what are their options in the event of armed intruder," he said.

The sheriff's department showed photos of mass shooting suspects including Jared Loughner, who was convicted in Tucson's mass shooting two years ago.


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