Jan 11, 2013 7:30 PM by John Overall

ADOT seeks public input on bike and pedestrian program

TUCSON - It is known as a bicycle friendly community and with the great year round weather we enjoy, many people walk to work or school. Now the Arizona Department of Transportation is looking for public comment on how to improve the Bicycle and Pedestrian Program in Tucson.

Every year thousands of tourists come to town for El Tour de Tucson, the premiere cycling event in Arizona.
Many others travel to Arizona for bike tours. "A lot of these tours take place along our state highway system so
there's a lot of people really engaged in terms of cycling," said ADOT spokesperson Laura Douglas.

Many students at the University of Arizona also use pedal power to get around town. One student cycling to school told News 4 Tucson, "There's a lot of glass and stuff, that's my big problem you get flats a lot."

Walkers are also chiming in with suggestions on how to make life safer for pedestrians. George Dupes posted on kvoa.com, "With the amount of pedestrian deaths last year from pedestrians thinking they can just cross anywhere they feel like it I hope the education/enforcement part is really addressed.

Laura Douglas told News 4 Tucson those issues are part of the plan. "And a lot of that revolves around safety and infrastructure and education those are our three main goals."

Public Comments will be taken at www.azbikeped.org until February 18th.


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