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Mar 7, 2013 5:09 PM by Leasa Conze

AG's task force on elder abuse catalogs successes of past 2 years

PHOENIX - The Attorney General's office is touting the success its task force has had fighting elder abuse since its inception two years ago.

With this being Consumer Protection Week, Tom Horne is announcing the impact of the Taskforce Against Senior Abuse (TASA).

TASA has received more than 2,300 calls to report potential abuse, neglect or fraud.

Some of the results include:

-102 victims receiving restitution in a consumer fraud action against American Residential Services. 89% of the victims were senior citizens.

-5 telemarketing cases were filed and/or settled - cases in which seniors were persuaded to buy business opportunities, and one telemarketing case where seniors were solicited to buy an identity theft program.

-the prosecutions of 29 cases in which victims were elderly.Nearly 4 dozen elderly had been physically abused or financially exploited by 45 different defendants. Some of those cases are still ongoing.

-the passage of new provisions of Arizona's Telephone Solicitation Statute, protecting potential customers with written contracts and disclosure documents before any monies can be accepted from the consumer.

-the hosting of the 2012 Annual Conference and Training of the national Adult Protective Services Association.

- several presentations to senior and church groups, hospitals, corporations and other organizations to create awareness of the growing epidemic of abuse and exploitation of seniors and to educate the aging population of their rights.

-the creation of a summary of registries so anyone interested in hiring a caregiver can see whether a potential provider has been found guilty of elder abuse. The registry can be found in the "Senior Resources" tab on the Attorney General's website,


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