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May 6, 2014 11:37 AM by Ryan Haarer

Agua Caliente bond project may be on 2015 ballot

TUCSON- Agua Caliente Park is a true gem in the desert that attracts some beautiful birds and people from all over the world. But, without a $1 million bond the pond will become nothing more than a desert sand pit.

"it's so peaceful here," said Barbara Lindsey, overlooking the remaining water. She's been coming here for 30 years.

She remembers when there were three ponds and the main pond was three feet higer.

"Without the water it's really going to be a lot less than what it is," said Jim Knoll, president of the group ‘Friends of Agua Caliente.'

In the last few years the flow into the pond has gone from 120 gallons of water per minute to absolutely nothing. Jim says the lack of rain hasn't helped matters.

"it's so sad. And you know they already are doing a lot to keep filling the water," said Lindsey.

Pima County is pumping 55,000 gallons of well water a day into the pond to keep it up. but, without a permanent fix the water will continue dissapearing.

"The main problem with the pond is we have a lot of seepage," said Knoll.

Jim and some county officials want to line the bottom of the pond to prevent seepage and reduce the size by about an acre. The next hurdle is getting this bond project on the ballot in 2015 so people like Barbara don't loose their desert oasis.

This project was presented at a Bond Advisory Committee meeting last week. They did not make a decision on if this would go to the voters. However, there are additional meetings this week.


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