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Jun 25, 2013 10:25 PM by Lupita Murillo

Alleged drug kingpin Alejandro Guerena sentenced Tuesday

TUCSON - The suspected leader of a drug trafficking ring and one of Pima County's Most Wanted was sentenced Tuesday after pleading guilty to drug charges.

Superior Court Judge Christopher Browning, sentenced Alejandro Guereña to five years intensive probation, and 105 days in the Pima County Jail. He received credit for time served.

The Guereña drug ring had been on law enforcements radar since 2009. In May 2011, the Pima County Regional SWAT team served several search warrants.

While serving one of those warrants José Guereña, was shot and killed in a confrontation with the SWAT team at his home. He reportedly pulled a weapon . Alejandro, his brother fled to Mexico. In January he was captured and returned to Tucson.

When Guereña and his family walked out of the courthouse Guereña made an obscene gesture to the camera. Interesting behavior just after he apologized to the court through an interpreter. "I am very remorseful for everything. They were hard times," Guereña said.

Before the judge gave his decision, the prosecutor reminded him about the items that had been seized from the Guereña homes.

"There was a significant amount of marijuana , a significant amount of money , there were weapons involved in this," Jennifer Copenhaver-Celis said.

Judge Browning listened, and then told Guereña "I know you never intended for your own brother to die, however choices you've made to become involved in this lifestyle, have set in motion events that ultimately resulted in his death."

Stanton Bloom represents Guereña and while he agrees the sentence is fair, he disagrees with the reference the judge made towards his client having a hand in José Guereña's death. "He's very upset about the fact that his brother died. He only has two brothers and he lost one. But to say that I mean I can't, there's no point at this point in terms of the sentencing to argue with this judge."

The prosecutor declined to comment telling News 4 Tucson this case is still ongoing.

Next week, Guereña's wife, Pauline will also be sentenced in Superior Court. She admitted to money laundering .


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