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Feb 1, 2013 6:40 PM by Lorraine Rivera

Alleged threats force school lockdown

TUCSON - Two southside schools were placed on lockdown Friday morning after police received reports of a possible threat.

According to Sergeant Chris Widmer at the Tucson Police Department, a woman told staff at Hollinger Elementary School that her husband told her he would take a rifle to the elementary school and nearby Wakefield Middle School on Friday and shoot her, her granddaughter and children at both schools.

The woman told staff Friday morning when she dropped her granddaughter off at the school. Sgt. Widmer said the woman alleged that she saw her husband molesting their granddaughter Thursday night and that when she confronted him he threatened to do harm at the school the following day. "Grandma's allegation is that he did threaten to use the rifle, threaten to kill her, the granddaughter and other children at both Hollinger and Wakefield," he said.

Police immediately locked down both schools and and made contact with the grandfather. A gun never made its way onto either campus and the students were never in any danger.

Sgt. Widmer said authorities could not substantiate the claims of molestation or threats made toward the school. The grandfather was never arrested or charged, but detectives questioned him about both alleged incidents.

The granddaughter, however, was placed in the custody of Child Protective Services as police continued their investigation.


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