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Jan 3, 2012 4:46 PM

Apps to help you keep your New Year's resolutions

Keeping you New Year's resolutions can be difficult, so why not let your smartphone help.

What if you had a reminder in your pocket every day? That's the goal of smartphone apps like Resolutions 20-12, which lets users choose goals, identify habits they need to change to meet them, and track progress.

Weight loss is a popular resolution each year. The daily burn app for iPhone manages workouts and calorie counts. The Noom Weight Loss app for Android gives day-by-day tips on eating, working out and slimming down.

The My Quit Coach app from Livestrong is for those who want to kick butts in 20-12. The app presents daily guidelines for quitting smoking gradually over time or helping you go cold turkey.

The Quitter app for iPhone tallies how much money you've saved since putting down your last cigarette.

And keeping a resolution can require a support system. Plus, experts say try posting your goal on social media so connections can cheer you on.


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