Jan 4, 2013 6:56 PM by Nichole Szemerei

Are red light cameras safer?

TUCSON - We now have video from red light cameras throughout Arizona over the past year. In it you can see multiple near misses.

ATS says at Tanque Verde and Rrant crashes have dropped 67%. There were 46 accidents in 2005 and only 15 in 2011.

This is also the case throughout Arizona. Collisions decreased about 24% at ten intersections in Scottsdale and 36% at Mesa's 31 red light camera locations.

Drivers in Tucson say this appears to be a good thing.

"It keeps the speed down and cops aren't everywhere so it's always good to know they're always there to make sure everyone does what they need to do."

"I think as long as it reduces accidents than it's good," says a bicyclist.

"If they stop accidents it's a good thing," says another driver.

The other seven intersections in Tucson with photo enforcement show similar reductions. ATS says it shows the need for intersection enforcement and how important it is for drivers to pay attention.


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