Feb 5, 2013 2:27 AM

Ariz. woman charged in lover's slaying testifies Tuesday

PHOENIX - The woman at the center of a sensational murder trial is due to return to the witness stand in a Phoenix courtroom on Tuesday as the defense tries to bolster her case that the killing was self-defense.

Jodi Arias is charged with felony murder in a trial that could send her to death row. She testified Monday that her boyfriend attacked her on June 4, 2008, and she defended herself.

The 32-year-old also said she'd planned to commit suicide after the killing.

Arias is accused of killing 30-year-old Travis Alexander in his Mesa home in what prosecutors describe as a jealous rage after she found out he'd planned to take a trip to Mexico with another woman.

Authorities say Arias stabbed and slashed Alexander 27 times, slit his throat from ear to ear and shot him in the forehead, leaving his bloody body in his bathroom to be discovered by friends five days later.


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