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Jan 16, 2014 12:00 AM by John Overall

Arizona film industry is suffering

Arizona was once a go-to state for big budget films but according to the the Tucson Film Office, only two movies have been shot in Southern Arizona since 2009. That means a lot of people in the industry haven't been working.

Paul Stapleton-Smith is a film technician, he says eight years ago film production workers could earn 50-60 thousand dollars a year in Arizona. That's no longer the case. Since the recession began film production in Arizona has fallen off dramatically. Mostly because other states offer big tax incentives to attract big time movie makers.

Stapleton-Smith says the state is losing big money and it's crippling his colleagues in the film industry, "It's very disappointing to see hundreds of millions of dollars of work going to other states in the absence of an effective jobs program here," Stapleton-Smith said.

Industry insiders say they'll push for a "film incentive" bill again this year but they're not very optimistic.

For information on the Tucson Film Office go to


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