Mar 27, 2014 1:19 PM by Brian White

Arizona ranks 7th in zombie apocalypse preparedness

A recent ranking done by the real estate site Estately puts Arizona in seventh place when it comes to being prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

Estately answered this question with its Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Rankings, which were determined using 11 metrics that measure fighting ability, knowledge of zombies, physical fitness, and access to weapons.

Seems like a joke, but the rankings compiled how many people in each state liked certain things on Facebook. How many were triatheletes? How many owned guns? Were they into laser tag? Martial arts? How many were in the military?

Arizona, in particular is home to the Department of Zombie Defense and the Arizona Zombie Defense Force. There's also zombie-related events like Zombie night during D-backs games and Zombie walks/5Ks.

The west coast and the south would seemingly not fare so well, according to this map:

Here are the rankings in detail:


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