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Jan 26, 2014 11:37 PM by Lupita Murillo

Aussie Cantina to feed the needy

TUCSON-An innovative concept to help feed the homeless, and it costs about the price of a latte.

Aussie Cantina is expanding a concept that started in Europe and modified it for Tucson.
Executive Chef Ismael Rascon cooked up the idea of starting the "suspended meal" program when he read about it online. It's a program that started in Spain in coffee houses. "Where people would go online and they would pay, they were called suspended meals and they would pay for a coffee, a sandwich or a meal for the less fortunate."

Rascon says he can relate to people who are struggling and have nothing to eat. "When I had lots of struggles in life due to alcohol, and drug addiction . You know something like that for me would have been like gleam of hope."

Aussie Cantina co owner Glenn Murphy is all for the idea of the suspended meal program. "We get our customers to donate $5.00. That covers all the costs of it. We put in all the labor and prepare the meals. I hope other businesses catch on."

Aussie Cantina will be rolling out its food truck and taking the food where it's needed. On Tuesday it will be going to Trinity Presbyterian Church at 400 East University Boulevard. The truck will be there at 6:00pm.
Murphy says, " We're going to try to do it at least once a month hopefully with the support of our great customers."

The meal will consist of a hot Aussie roll, bottle of water and a bag of chips.

Rascon adds, "Being in the community, running a restaurant it gives us the opportunity to give back to the community to do something for the less fortunate."


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