May 5, 2013 8:26 PM by Eirka Flores

Baby camp educating teen moms and nurturing relationships

TUCSON-Eight teen mothers from Southern Arizona went to a three day "baby camp" hosted by the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona to build a support system, have fun and learn.

The teen moms from Tucson, Sierra Vista and Douglas have spent the last couple of years feeling ostracized for their pregnancies during this camp, they came come together to build their self esteem, learn about parenthood and sisterhood.

The girls tell News 4 Tucson, if it weren't for their families, they would be completely on their own raising their babies.

"The last conversation we had was when I told him that it was a boy," said eighteen-year-old Elisa Richards.

The teen mothers range from fourteen to nineteen years old.

"You're teen life is pretty much over when you have a baby," said fifteen-year-old Morgan Reney.

But at this camp, the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona are trying to bring back some of that life.

"Mesh some great learning experiences, so that the girls left with a great toolbox of how to be a really successful parent, and then they also got that great girl scout fun," said Lesley Rich with the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona.

The Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona hope to have another baby camp later this year.

For details contact Leslie Rich at 520-319-3160.


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