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Jan 12, 2012 7:17 PM

Baby on the Way: New Year's resolutions

TUCSON - The New Year has begun, have you made your resolutions? If you're pregnant, there are some you should be making.

On today's 'Baby on the Way' segment at News 4 at 4:00, pregnancy contributor Judith Schuler has these tips:
Focus on Health:
-- take prenatal vitamin every day
-- keep all prenatal appointments
-- get all recommended tests/results
-- watch your weight gain
-- follow doctor's advice
Also, you should add these:
**Eat well/avoid junk food
**Exercise 5 days a week
**Get enough rest and sleep
**Drink lots of water
What about things to avoid?
- alcohol
- cigarettes
- stress
- SOME OTC meds, herbs and botanicals
And some resolutions-just for your relationship:
- Include partner in the pregnancy
- Be understanding of his feelings/needs
- Work together
- Relax/Enjoy this time!


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