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Aug 9, 2013 9:24 PM by Lupita Murillo

Barrio Blue Moon business owners are singing the blues

TUCSON - Constant acts of vandalism, thefts and burglaries has business owners fuming.

The businesses are near downtown in an area known as Barrio Blue Moon. One owner says, he's had it, and he's moving out.

Joe Higgins, points to a window inside the office.

"They came in and broke in thru this window. They stole all my computers, and the printers. We've had the cooler motors taken off the top of the roof," he says.

Joe Higgins has been in the area five years. He's even replaced the wooden doors with metal. He also placed three locks on the door. In the last two years he believes it's cost him thousands of dollars. His staff no longer feels safe.

"I don't blame them. And they made the decision they don't want to work here anymore so they've forced my hand to close the location and try to sell the building and move out," he says.

Next door at another business, they are repairing a recent break-in. Fritz Britz, is the general manger of Johnson Manley Lumber company.

"They took crowbars and they tried to crowbar the air conditioner units out, so they could go into the building," Britz says. "They've broken into another office, stole the air conditioning unit. They recently tried to break in thru the skylight but the alarm went off."

Pat Manley owns the business and has been in Barrio Blue Moon for 42 years. He says he's not leaving.

He's installed an alarm system, flood lights, and surveillance cameras. He's spent thousands of dollars. But not all of it has been turned into the insurance company.

"If I would turn in every incident that happened I would probably become uninsurable."

Both business owners say drugs, and gangs are probably the reason for the break-ins. They say Tucson Police is doing what they can. They know they are under staffed, and realize theirs is a property crime, and it's not a priority. They're just thankful no one has ever gotten hurt.


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