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Dec 12, 2012 7:40 PM

BBB Holiday alert: delivery email scam

TUCSON - This is the time of year you might be eagerly waiting for a package to arrive at your door. But fraudsters know that so don't let your guard down.

Lots of us are buying cool stuff online these days; presents for ourselves and others and of course when you buy online the item has to be shipped.

That's why scammers send out emails in mass. If you've order something online from a legit store and you just can't wait for that item, think twice about emails which ask for additional information or steps to complete the delivery. Even if you see companies you know like Fed-Ex and DHL. It could be scammers preying on your lack of patience. Here's how it works.

"They have a package that you need to pick up. And you need to enter some personal information so they can give you directions to pick it up," says Nick LaFleur with the BBB of Southern Arizona. "Or it will have you download something onto your computer. It's a virus. It's after you personal information. They're trying to steal your identity. Do not fall for it."

Best advice: if you really are expecting a shipment go back to the original email you received confirming your purchase. Instructions to track packages are always there or contact the shipping companies directly.


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