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Dec 21, 2012 6:00 PM

BBB Holiday alert: ecards

TUCSON - Many of you will use the computer to spread some holiday cheer and fraudsters will use the same technology to take a swipe at your Christmas cash.

You probably find fewer actual holiday cards in your mailbox these days and maybe you're not mailing out as many.

That's because sending holiday wishes through cyber space is easier than ever. There are so many options to connect with out-of-town friends and family.

But you'll want to think twice before clicking on one of those e-cards. It might look like it's from someone in your contact list, or a legit company you've done business with, but that's what scammers want you to think.

"We also see around the holiday season, a lot of e-card scams," says Nick LaFleur with BBB of Southern Arizona. "Where it will look like you have an e-card from a friend or family member. And when you open it up and go to the site, click on a link, it will have downloaded a virus on your computer."

The BBB says look close at email addresses. Typos and grammatical errors are a red flag.

Also make sure your computer has the most up to date anti-virus software.


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