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Nov 30, 2012 6:06 PM

BBB Holiday consumer alert

TUCSON - The holiday season is here which is a time for celebration and cheer. But let's not forget about the Grinch who is out to steal Christmas.

Fraudsters get very creative this time of year, busy little evil elves, using crafty ways to steal your shopping cash.

All this season we'll bring you a special Holiday Alert from the Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona to protect your wallet, good credit and keep you in good spirits.

Our first alert is about online shopping.

After all that hype about the great deals you can find online here is a warning: fraudsters will set-up bogus websites offering the coolest electronics and luxury items usually at rock bottom prices but chances are after forking over your Christmas cash you won't even walk away with a lump of coal.

"And just be really aware. Make sure that they have a track record that you know who they are," says Nick LaFleur, Media Relations Specialist with the BBB. "Because a lot of these fly-by-night companies will be here tonight, gone tomorrow."

It might be hard to resist the impulse for a good deal. You can check the BBB's business reviews for companies you haven't heard of by clicking here.


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