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Aug 30, 2012 9:00 PM

Be vigilant at holiday pool parties

TUCSON - Labor Day weekend is around the corner and that means many of you will be hosting or attending backyard pool parties and barbeques.

We often report water related accidents that occur at these events. It happened to a 10 year-old girl just this summer so her family and friends are sending out a critical message.

"I was an E.R. nurse for some time and it was the most traumatic thing I've ever witnessed, I ever been a part of."

Lori Tucker organized a water safety event after her close call

"One of the girls, my daughter's best friend, got dizzy went under the water," Lori explains. "My daughter saw her at that point, sink to the bottom of the pool and realized she was in trouble."

It happened in July and there was adult supervision.

"We didn't realize that things like that can happen really happen to just us. And especially kind of a benign family barbeque can end up with such tragedy."

It's why Lori invited the kids from her daughter's 5th grade class at Desert Christian Elementary, and their parents, for special day of water safety instruction.

Also helping out was Dr. Janel Lloyd, a pediatrician, who talked to the group about the differences between ‘dry' and ‘wet' drowning and how drownings impact the brain.

Rural/Metro paramedics were also on hand. They spoke about how critical it is to have a designated Water Watcher. They also point out, if you are a visitor at someone's home and you are watching the kids, make sure you know the exact address in case you need to call 911.

The kids practiced their CPR skills and they learned a lot.

"I learned that there always has to be an adult around and call 911 if anyone is ever in trouble," says Rachel Rey a 5th grader who attended the event.

Cameron Gargus one of her classmates says, "I have a younger sibling and he kind of gets in the pool by himself so it's kinda hard to watch him so I think this really helps."

Lori says it's easy to let your guard down at pool parties with so many adults around. She doesn't want to see your gathering turn into a tragedy.

"At big barbeques and big gatherings and birthday parties that this stuff obviously can happen because it did happen to us."

For all the information we have about water safety please click here for the News 4 Lifesaver's page.


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