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Nov 16, 2013 7:49 PM by Erika Flores

Behind the scenes look at how paramedics keep U of A fans and players safe

TUCSON-Paramedics responded to eight emergencies at the U of A game Saturday.

All were minor incidents like intoxication, fall injuries and dehydration, but that's all in a day's work for paramedics working every game day to keep fans and players safe.

Over 40 paramedics and EMT's were on hand Saturday.
They started their day early.

They were briefed at Rural Metro's operations center then they were off to the U of A football stadium where first aid areas were stocked and rover crews packed and ready to go.

Their command center had a girds eye view of the stadium where supervisors checked radios and ambulances were put in place to make sure fans and players alike were well taken care.

Paramedics can be responsible for over 56 thousand people in this stadium.

"Then games where we know it's going to be a little higher profile, larger crowds, we work very close with the U of A and make sure that everybody's safe while they're at the games," said Grant Cesarek with Rural Metro.

Paramedics go through special training to make sure players are transported correctly if they get any injuries.

Ambulances wider than others are used specifically for the football players.

"You can put somebody that's larger, and then the paramedics still have room to be able to do whatever services they need to do," said Cesarek.

As fans file in, many have no idea of what's going on behind the scenes, and the staff it takes to keep them safe until they see it firsthand.

"I saw a gentleman fall last week and a couple of your paramedics came right up to 109 and took care of him and he was good to go," said Mike Matthews, a U of A fan.

Rural Metro and Southwest Ambulance staffs all of the football games, basketball games and many other sporting events.


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