Mar 18, 2013 10:03 AM by Samantha Ptashkin

Ben's Bells message of kindness spreads across St. Michael's

TUCSON-Every year the 8th grade class at St. Michael's gives a gift back to their school.

This year the students have teamed up with the "Ben's Bell's Kind Kids" program, as well as their youngest peers, to create a kindness wall for the school. "I think it will show a really good message for our school and display that everyone should be kind no matter what, even if it's someone you don't like, or if it's someone you disagree with," says 8th Grade Student Giselle Britt.

The 8th grade students are working with the kindergarten students to make the wall. They're using rubber stamps to mark clay with the "Be Kind" message. The clay will then be used to create an eight-by-eight foot mural that will hang in the 8th grade lunch area. "I think it's a big feat because we had to raise $1,000 for this," Britt says.

Throughout the year the students raised the money through bake sales and by selling t-shirts.

The wall will be a constant reminder for the students to treat each other with respect. It's a message some students have already taken to heart. "There was a cat on a person's tree and my dad and I got a ladder and we saved the cat," says six-year-old Eli Marlow.

As the eighth grade class prepares to head to high school they say the mural will be the perfect mark to leave behind for their peers.

The students plan to install the wall in April.


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