Oct 31, 2013 10:56 AM by Ryan Haarer

Betty's Blues Junk Shop captures paranormal activity on camera

TUCSON - Tonight you may see some monsters and possibly some ghosts walking around your neighborhood. But, they'll probably be asking for candy. One Tucson shop may have some real ghosts wandering the aisles of their store.

Betty Blue's Junk Shop is a funky little resale shop near Broadway and Campbell. They specialize in vintage and unusual items but, it seems the shop may be more unusual then their inventory.

The building itself has been on Plumer Avenue since the 50's. Betty Blue's has been in business for two years.

"We first noticed soon after we moved in, we would here conversations that we could not find the source of. Muffled conversations. And things would fall off the wall," said Kim Kysar.

That's when Betty Blue's installed cameras all over the store. They caught several unexplained incidents on tape.

Check out the video to see what paranormal activity they caught on camera.


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