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Oct 12, 2010 8:08 PM

Biggest Loser Tucson drops 10 dress sizes for class reunion

TUCSON - A class reunion motivated this week's Biggest Loser Tucson contestant to lose weight. Tamara Westberg went from a size 12 to a size 8 in six weeks.

Weight hasn't always been an issue for Westberg. Sure, she gained some weight in college, but complications with both of her pregnancies caused her expanding waistline to become a health concern.

"After I had the kids I was going to the gym, exercising regularly, trying to eat healthy," Westberg says. "But I just couldn't get the results I was looking for."

Diabetes and heart disease run in her family. But it was an upcoming high school reunion that pushed her to lose weight.

"I was desperate to try something, because I wasn't looking forward to going to that class reunion," she says.

She saw results in a friend, and tried a nutritional cleaning program.

She drank a cleansing drink with vitamins and minerals once a week, and replaced two of her mails with replacement shakes.

"I was amazed by the results I was getting. Not only was I releasing those extra pounds, but I had more energy than I could remember having in years," Westberg says.

She went down four dress sizes before the reunion. To date, she's gone from a size 12 to a 2, dropping 65 pounds.

"I was feeling really good at that class reunion, and now I am looking forward. I am having my next class reunion coming up next summer, and I am really looking forward to it because i look even better now than I did four years. ago," Westberg says.

Tamara maintains her weight be drinking shakes for breakfast and doing a clease once every other week.

"We live in a very toxic environment and over the years, those toxins tend to accumulate in our body, so we need a way to flush those toxins and remove them from our body," she says.

She is hoping her healthy lifestyle has a positive impact on her teen daughter.

Now Tamara is spreading her success to others. She has helped 150 people find what works for them in their weight loss journey.

For more information on Tamara's cleansing regimen, visit:


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