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Sep 14, 2010 4:21 PM

Biggest Loser Tucson kicking off

TUCSON - Biggest Loser Season 10 starts up next Tuesday featuring two Southern Arizona women.

For the past two years we have been sharing local success stories. This season we are launching our very own competition - Biggest Loser Tucson.

One by one we've heard amazing weight loss success stories here in Arizona. Sue Levine did not want to miss an opportunity to go skiing with her grandkids so she dropped 75 pounds and hit the slopes.

"It's hard but it's definitely worth it and it's not easy but don't give up because it changed my life in ways I wouldn't have even imagined," said Levine.

A trip to the doctor was a wake-up call for Woody Sherwood. He was drastically overweight and when a nurse pointed that out it made him mad. As he walked back to his car, he was exhausted. He needed a life change.

"You know what? I'll be honest with you. I'll admit this to you. I just started busting up balling. I had tears coming down my face. I said you know what, that woman's absolutely right," said Sherwood.

He dropped 100 pounds through exercise.

Brenda Polluck turned to the lap ban procedure going from 309 pounds to 169 pounds. She made a commitment for a healthy lifestyle to keep off the extra weight.

"I was on a very fast paced lifestyle where rushing to the fast food drive through thing and wolf down the hamburger in two minutes and keep going," said Polluck.

Tracy Mayfield's weight ballooned out of control after her mother's tragic death from cancer. Determined to change she took off a 105 pounds.

"Seeing how hard that was makes me want to be healthy so I can enjoy as much of my life as possible," said Mayfield.

Just like these amazing stories we want to hear about your success.

At the end of season 10 we will ask Southern Arizonans to vote for the story that touched their hearts and award a winner for Biggest Loser Tucson.

To nominate yourself or someone else email us a before-and-after picture and your story to


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