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Nov 9, 2010 6:01 PM

Biggest Loser Tucson: Woman in her 20s drops 128 pounds

TUCSON - A young woman in her early 20s should have been out enjoying the prime of her life, instead she was coming closer to death with each meal that she ate.

College can be a difficult time for young adults to eat healthy.

"I am tall. I have always been bigger but I was always really athletic until I started to go to college and I definitely put on the freshman 80 pounds," said Laura Rosebaugh.

Over the course of four years, Rosebaugh gained 100 pounds and when she was ready to enter the working world her body was not.

"I actually went to get a physical for a job and they found out that my blood pressure was so high that the machine couldn't even read it. So they admitted me into the hospital and they realized that I was a 23-year-old about to have a stroke," said Rosebaugh.

The chief of medicine was called in and her blood pressure was 300 over 200.

"I realized I was killing myself with the food that I was eating and the lifestyle I was living before I even had a chance to live," she said.

In what should have been the best time of her life, she was fighting for her life.

Scared and embarrassed, she started cooking and exercising.

"You get so far into the whole that you feel like you can't ever get out of it and it's not true," she said.

Two years later, she has gone from 320 pounds to 192 pounds.

She credits part of her success to a free online health website,, and building a support system.

"She's one of the bubbliest people I know and she is really funny and I am sure she was always like that before but I feel like I see more now because she is so much more outgoing," said her roommate Teresa White.

Rosebaugh wants others to know they can do it too.

"So many things in life and media portray overweight people being helpless and all these negative things and you're not a number, you're a real person and you can make a change in your life. I mean that's how I felt. Like I was defined by a number and by my weight and you know what you're not defined by a number," she said.

This January she will be running half a marathon two years to the date she started loosing weight.

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