Jul 31, 2013 3:13 PM by KHNL

Bite victim speaks about encounter with Tiger Shark

EWA BEACK, HI - A surfer who was attacked by a shark off the coast of Hawaii monday afternoon is now talking about his close call.

As Tim Sakahara reports the 19-year-old says once he saw the shark heading his way, his instincts took over.

Kiowa Gatewood's pulse is no doubt much calmer now that he's comfortably in a hospital bed... as opposed to yesterday when he thought he was safe on his surf board.

"Oh my god this is a shark, it's a pretty big shark," Gatewood said.

He says he was only about 20 meters off the coast of White Plains beach in Ewa when the hungry Tiger Shark introduced itself.

"I was sitting down on my board and I saw this shark coming out of the water and grab my leg and from there. I had this instinct to hit it with my left hand."

Gatewood says it swam away. He quickly paddled to shore.

He had surgery on his knee and calf and can confirm what we've known all along.

"Sharks can bite hard."

The bite marks on his board prove it as well. Despite the chomping power of the ever present sharks he plans to go surfing again when healed. Although he might only go out when the water is clear. Yesterday he says it was stormy and murky from Flossie.

"I'll be more aware of where i go. I'll surf when it's a sunny day."

Which there will be plenty of since the scary incident hasn't clouded his disposition.


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