Oct 23, 2013 11:26 PM by Adrianna George

Bullying complaint against high school football team dropped

AUSTIN, Texas - A Texas parent who filed a bullying case against the coaches of his son's high school football team, has changed his mind.

After his son was on the losing team of a massive blowout between Aledo and Western Hills, the parent was not happy with the coaches choice to let the score run so high.

He filed a complaint accusing the coaches of "not easing up when the game was in hand" after Aledo defeated Western Hills with a final score of 91 to 0.

State law requires the school district to investigate the complaint, and the investigation found "no grounds" to believe any bullying took place during the football game.

The parent has now decided to drop the complaint after being informed that the coaches took appropriate steps to control the win.

Aledo coach Tim Buchanan explained that he pulled his starters early in the game and implemented a running clock during the game to keep the score down, a plan that coaches of both teams discussed before the game began. Western Hills coach John Naylor has said that he does not characterize the other team's win as bullying.


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