Feb 12, 2013 7:20 PM by Lorraine Rivera

Burglars hit midtown community

TUCSON - Homeowners and business owners in the area of Grant and Country Club roads say they are fed up with a rash of burglaries that have been happening.

Kathryn Ferguson owns and operates Xanadu Belly Dance, she said crime has been a problem in the last two years, "with us they broke into our carport twice. We have bright lights and they just chiseled away at the door and they broke in."

She said the burglaries happen at all hours of the day, "they don't seem to mind if there are a lot of lights out. They don't seem to care if people see them. I just don't know."

Art Loya, the owner of the Garden Center of Tucson has been in business for six years and says crime has gotten worse in the last two years, "they come in here at nighttime and sometimes they'll steal a few pieces at a time and other times they'll come in and try to clean out the place."

Both Loya and Ferguson say they've seen more police patrolling the area but are not convinced the presence has changed anything, "I mean it's really disheartening. I think they're pretty tactical about their approach. They know what they're targeting and they typically take things that are really hard to come by, really hard to get," Loya said.

Tucson Police say they have received 30 reports of burglaries in that particular corridor since January 1.

Anyone with information is asked to call 911 or 88-CRIME.


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