Jan 13, 2013 7:50 PM by Erika Flores

Busy weekend for plumbing companies fixing broken pipes

TUCSON-Plumbing companies have been busy this weekend fixing broken pipes.

Just to give you an idea of how busy, in just three hours, the plumbing technician we tagged along with got over 30 calls for broken pipes.

"It's been like this all morning," said Jeremy Perea from Cummings Plumbing.

Perea can't even get through one job before the next call comes in.

At one home, frozen water expanded the pipe until it burst, and although this homeowner covered the pipes to avoid a break.

"The best thing to do is leave the water running still inside even if you have everything covered and wrapped," said Perea.

At another home, the pipes split in three.

"It burst out like a waterfall," said homeowner Gabriel Ortiz.

Ortiz said he was inside his home washing his face when the pipe burst.

"Then all of a sudden-pshhhh," he said.

When he looked outside, water was gushing down the backyard.

"In this section right here where the cooler is all the way down and ran through here," he said.

Perea said he had to replace three spots on the pipe.

"So we just cut out a whole section and put out a whole section in," he said.

After replacing that pipe, Perea armed it with important tools to prevent breaking.

"Insulation and wrapping tape," he said.

This has happened to the Ortiz household before and Ortiz said he hopes, "Disaster won't strike again."

Keeping your pipes covered and the water running during a freeze will help prevent a break, but if your pipes do split, be sure to turn off your water right away and call a plumbing company.


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