Mar 17, 2013 1:30 AM by Sam Salzwedel

Campus police look for drunk drivers off campus

TUCSON - Campus police departments are using extra officers to stop drunk drivers over Saint Patrick's Day weekend.

The Governor's Office of Highway Safety gave a $35,000 grant to University of Arizona Police and $15,000 to the Pima Community College Department of Public Safety.

The money is used throughout the year for special deployments, including this weekend.

"We want people to of course enjoy themselves wherever they go," UAPD Officer Joe Bermudez said, "but we want to make sure they enjoy themselves safely."

Main Gate Square and Fourth Avenue bars were pouring green beer to thousands of people Saturday night.

Isela Cano said she was taking a taxi home.

"Call a cab," she said. "Don't drink and drive."

Veronica Texier was using a designated driver.

"I think about those responsibilities," she said. "I don't know if everybody else does, but I do."

The Tucson Pipers and Tucson Highlanders played music with bagpipes in their kilts during their annual pub crawl. They say the holiday is about more than just alcohol.

"Oh yes, absolutely. Myself, it's a pretty religious holiday," Brian Ashe said. "If you watch us long enough, you'll see that."


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