Nov 28, 2013 12:42 AM by Rebecca Taylor

Captive girls allege being whipped, beaten and under 24-hour surveillance

TUCSON - News 4 Tucson obtained the interim complaint detailing what the girls told police, and a statement from their mom, Sophia Richter.

Police say, her husband wouldn't speak with them.

The girl's mother denies she or her husband ever abused the girls. Richter says she disciplined them by taking away music and TV.

Police say evidence from the home shows otherwise. Police Chief Roberto Villasenor says the girl's bedroom doors had locks and alarms. Video cameras were also installed.

"The cameras were focused on the beds of the juveniles, and they were on 24/7 from what we could tell," says Villasenor.

If they had to use the restroom the girls say they had to ask permission, by signaling to the cameras, putting on a black cap and raising their hand. Sometimes they were forced to relieve themselves in the closet.

"They didn't always grant permission to go to the bathroom, according to the juveniles, but if they were they were only brought out one at a time, when they did, they had the hallway was partitioned off so they couldn't see past the hallway," Villasenor said.

Police say air ducts were sealed off, vents were covered, and towels were kept under the doors, as if to sound-proof the rooms. Police say loud music or static was played 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It was controlled from outside the bedrooms.

As for how the girls were fed, police say they were given goulash once a day in their rooms, sometimes bread or fruit after that.

The girls say they endured physical and emotional abuse, telling police they were beaten, whipped and hit with hangers until their bottoms bled.

The oldest child kept a diary. She had it with her, when she was rescued.

In it, possible details of the alleged ongoing abuse. And a photo of singer Enrique Iglesias which police say brought her comfort.

"The juvenile girl said was probably her most prized possession. We made arrangements after we conducting the evaluation of the satchel to get that picture back to her last night. She was completely overjoyed," Villasenor said.

What about family members, where were they when this alleged abuse was happening? Villasenor says the girls' relatives, including the two biological fathers and grandmother say, they were led to believe their children lived in California, not in Tucson.


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