Jan 15, 2014 7:05 PM

Captured and relocated antelope released in Elgin

ELGIN, AZ - Game and Fish released 40 Pronghorn antelope in the Sonoita-Patagonia wilderness Wednesday in an effort to replensish their dwindling population.

The release of the antelope was done by a partnership with Game and Fish, the Arizona Antelope Foundation and Tombstone High School, Arizona Game and Fish spokesman Mark Hart said.

Here's video of their release:

24 antelopes were released south of Elgin and the remaining 16 in the San Raphael Valley.

The antelope were originally captured in New Mexico outside Cimarron and transported to the Elgin area, Hart said.

The population of the antelopes in the area has decreased recently, Hart said. Habitat improvements, including fence modifications, a controlled burn, clearing of invasive mesquite and juniper, water catchment refurbishments, and predator management have made the areas better suited to support the herds, which need new individuals to improve genetic diversity and long-term survival.

Hart said Arizona Game and Fish will be capturing 60 Ghould turkeys for New Mexico in exchange for the antelopes.


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