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Jun 17, 2014 12:38 AM by Nathan O'Neal

"Cash mob" hits Fourth Avenue to support local business

TUCSON - A local business was the target of a "cash mob" over the weekend -- it's when a herd of shoppers help local businesses by starting an impromptu shopping spree.

Courtney Lavaty and her family have poured their entire lives into The Chocolate Iguana on Fourth Avenue.

"We've owned it for about 15 years now and it's really our whole life," Lavaty said.

As is the case for many locally owned shops, summertime in Tucson can be rough on business.

"College students are gone, regular school is out and everybody goes on vacation," Lavaty said.

Over the weekend, The Chocolate Iguana was hit with a cash mob, it was organized on social media.

"She gave us this little paper and it said 'you have been cash mobbed,'" Lavaty said.

That woman was Kirsten Cummins who leads a Facebook group where folks plan when and where to hit each month.

"So the idea came up that what if we got people together spend money almost out of nowhere but keep the money local," Cummins said.

Although it's a modest campaign, Cummins hopes it will gain some traction.

"I'm hoping that it actually spreads like wildfire so we can keep more businesses open," Cummins said.

You can find more information about "Cash Mob - Tucson" here:


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