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Aug 25, 2014 1:51 AM by Richie Melby (

Cats volleyball coach: "we're not very consistent"

TUCSON - Classes begin at the University of Arizona on Monday but campus has been busy for weeks. The Wildcats football program has been gearing up for their season opener. Soccer, cross country and volleyball practices are also in full swing. UofA volleyball held its red versus blue scrimmage on Saturday where head coach David Rubio said his team needs more consistency.

"Right now we have a ways to go," said Rubio. "I like the group, but right now our execution is a little bit sloppy."

David Rubio has spent nearly a quarter century on the Wildcat bench. It's no wonder he holds high expectations and plans to eliminate any of that sloppy play.

"We have to be a little better about handling the ball, taking care of the ball," he said. "We're a little too sloppy about the direction of the ball. We need to be more precise about what we're doing."

Rubio would also like to see more competition from within.

"I would like to see some separation with some of the positions. The libero position right now is so close and I haven't seen anyone separate themselves," he explained.

"It's kind of like the quarterback situation with football," Rubio added. "I wish someone would really grab a hold of that position and without a doubt be the person we put in there."

The Cats still have a month before Pac-12 play to answer internal questions, but Rubio hopes to solve them sooner than later so the team is prepared for their conference foes.

"I think with time we will get a chance to be pretty competitive," he said, "but right now it's about consistency and right now we're not very consistent."


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