Jan 4, 2014 12:42 AM by Samantha Ptashkin

Caught in the Act: crooks snatching cameras in Rita Ranch

TUCSON- They were caught on the cameras they stole, but they still haven't been caught by the cops.

Residents in Rita Ranch are on high alert, hoping to catch the thieves who snatched their surveillance cameras from their front yards.

"It was on December 31 at 3:02 in the morning," Resident Susan Hulderman says.

Hulderman was out of town at the time, but she knew something was wrong when she looked at the surveillance monitoring system on her cell phone. "All of a sudden we noticed a camera was out and we started looking at the other cameras to see what was going on," Hulderman says.

When she and her husband returned home, they saw one of their cameras had been ripped off from the wall it was mounted on in the front of their house.

Luckily, Hulderman was able to get a hold of some of the video taken before the thief snatched the camera. "You can see he sorta jumped, just by the way the camera kathunked a little bit," Hulderman says.

And Hulderman isn't the only victim. Another resident in Rita Ranch recently posted pictures of a thief stealing his surveillance camera on December 26. In this case, the resident's camera actually caught a good glimpse of the suspect's face.

It's not clear yet whether or not the two incidents are connected. Either way, residents say it's a little creepy. "It's definitely uneasy to see stuff like that happening," Resident Judy Powell says. "Especially in a community where you feel so safe."

Roger Score of Tucson Alarm Company says it happens all the time across Tucson. He says residents want to make sure to have a camera that can capture a clear image of the suspect. "You also want to ensure that your cameras themselves are hooked into a security alarm and tamper proof," Score says.

Luckily Hulderman has seven more cameras mounted to her home. Since her incident, her husband has raised their height, in hopes thieves won't be able to reach them if they come around again. "You don't know if that was a person who was trying to take that camera because of what he was going to do to our house or one of our neighbors," Hulderman says.

Hulderman has filed a report with Tucson Police. If you have any information call 88-CRIME.


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